What is YURAI Editions ?

YURAI Éditions is a French comic publishing company founded by webtoon fans. We specialize in the publication of webtoon and webcomic, which we publish on our online platform named YURAI.

We have several missions that we want to achieve with YURAI. Among them, one of our missions is to offer more content to French readers around the world. We want to allow them to experience the adventures that the whole world has to share with them.

Another of our missions is to help authors and artists from around the world to realize their dreams: Share their creations with as many people as possible and be able to live from their passion.

How does YURAI work?

Our platform is based on a paid subscription model. The first episodes of the series are free to read in order to generate interest among readers, then they must subscribe to continue reading.

It is with the income generated by subscriptions that we can remunerate authors and artists for their wonderful work.

We opted for a subscription model, since as readers ourselves, we prefer unlimited access to the series rather than having to pay for each episode. And it was by opting for this option that we realized that it had more advantages than we thought.

By having unlimited access to series, readers are more likely to explore different series and make discoveries. Revenues are therefore distributed more evenly among the creators of the series than if we would have a coin system, where only the bestsellers would generate income.

How can we help author & artist?

YURAI Éditions can help you share your series with the French community and make you generate income from it. We want to create a sustainable economic model for creators, while offering French readers content that was previously unavailable.

There are a multitude of advantages to working with us:

  • You keep all rights over your series, so you can continue to publish the original version of your work, make promotional products, etc. We only ask for the publication exclusivity for the French version.
  • From the moment you do business with us, you will receive 60% or more of the revenue generated by your series (the percentage of income depends on the contract we will have with you).
  • You have nothing more to do than provide us with the episodes / pages of your series. We take care of the translation and the lettering of your series in French for free.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, we don’t know what to say. 😅 Our deepest values drive us to offer you this exceptional service. We are driven by our missions and the need to help others.

If you have a project and our services interest you, you can contact us and send us the first pages / episodes of your series with a synopsis / summary to the address : publication@yuraieditions.com

We will get back to you after analyzing your series. 😉

We look forward to reading from you and working with you on your series! 😄

YURAI Éditions’ Team